Bob Petrochko

Bob Petrochko, M.S. ChE

Senior Process Safety Consultant

Expertise & Experience


  • Knowledgeable authority in the field of combustible dust safety in the process industries covering most dust handling unit operations
  • In depth process analysis to optimally fit the application of NFPA standards to the operation
  • Cost effective design and operation of NFPA compliant dust handling processes
  • Proven management systems design and application to ensure sustainment of safety improvements in both automated and manually operated processes for both large and small operations
  • Over 43 years of engineering experience in chemical and biotech process industries, including OSHA PSM covered operations and animal feed ingredient operations in multiple sites around the world.
  • Technical leadership roles as engineering manager and project manager
  • PHRAs for chemical processes and DHAs for dry product processes as operator’s rep
  • Development and implementation of Combustible Dust Management System
  • Hands on experience in design and operation of conveying (pneumatic, vacuum, screw), drying (spray, tray, rotary drum, stationary drum, vacuum, and flash), grinding, screening, mixing (V-cone, ribbon, fluidized paddle, and vertical), storage, and packaging operations
  • Analyses and provides effective recommendations on a wide variety of industry segments including food and animal feed processing, sugar refining, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, wastewater treatment, grain, transportation, wood products, tobacco, and power-generation paper.

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