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Dustcon Solutions was started to meet the need for DHA services by all industry segments.  With over 50 years of combined experience in the dust explosion protection industry as well as 20 years of membership on the NFPA Technical Committees responsible for the latest standards pertinent to the dust explosion problem, Dustcon Solutions safety professionals have the knowledge and experience required to perform an effective Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA).

Dust explosion pentagon with ignition, dispersion, confinement, fuel, and oxygen around it.

Need A Dust Hazard Analysis?

Combustible Dust Testing

Combustible dust being tested.

Combustibility Screening (Go/No Go)
Initial screening to determine whether a dust will ignite.
Dust Explosion Severity (Kst & Pmax)
Used to determine parameters for mitigation strategies.
Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE)
Determine the minimum energy required to ignite dust cloud.
Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT-Layer & MIT-Cloud)
Determine the minimum ignition temperature for dust on a hot surface and in the air.
Minimum Explosible Concentration (MEC)
Detect the minimum amount of dust in the air that will support deflagration.
Limiting Oxygen Concentration
Determine the minimum oxygen concentration to support deflagration.

Training for Combustible Dust

Educate Your Team
Learn the fundamentals of combustible dust to ensure a safer workplace.
Online Webinars
We offer online webinars on combustible dust, NFPA & hazard analysis.
In Person Training Classes
Have our team come to you for in person training in your facility.

3 People in a combustible dust training session.

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