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Dust Testing

Our dust test will provide accurate ASTM and CEN-standard measurements of a dust’s explosive characteristics represented in real-world applications.

Dust Hazard Analysis

Our DHA begins with consultative services, including a walkthrough of the facility that identifies and prioritizes specific hazardous areas requiring protection and dust testing used to support explosion protection system design.

Hazardous Area Classification

Our HAC will conduct an assessment and determine electrical safety requirements related to the flammability/explosibility of handled liquids/vapors/dusts. We will determine boundaries for classified electrical areas and develop drawings to clearly denote those boundaries.

Process Hazard Analysis

Our PHA is a set of organized and systematic assessments related to the potential hazards that exist in your industrial process. This PHA will provide information to all employees on how to improve safety and avoid the consequences associated with unplanned releases of hazardous chemicals.

Process Safety Management

Our scope of services covers several requirements related to OSHA’s required Process Safety Management. We can help facilities address the risks associated with handling of hazardous chemicals.


Explore how we can guide your team to NFPA 652 compliance and protect it from combustible dust explosions. We offer on-demand training or custom packages to train your team.

Incidents by Industry

According to Dust Safety Science's global incident data, food and wood products made up over 75% of the combustible dust fires and explosions recorded.


Meet Our Team

Arlene provides EHS consulting services for high-risk operations by applying process safety principles to a broad range of operations.

Manager, Process Safety Consulting

Arlene Pagan

Bob is a knowledgeable authority in the field of combustible dust safety and handling operations within process industries.

Senior Process Safety Consultant

Bob Petrochko, M.S. ChE

Tim is a licensed professional engineer in the chemical engineering discipline.

Director, Engineering Services

Timothy Heneks

Resources & Guides

Ensuring Safety From Dust Hazards

Learn more about OSHA, the NFPA, and the safety standards that will protect you from dust hazards.

Dust Explosion Mitigation Guide

Download our guide on dust explosion mitigation tactics and procedures.

Dust Explosion Safety Professionals

Learn more about comubstible dust hazards and the risks involved.

Dust Testing Guide

Download our guide on dust testing, to understand our services and process.

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