Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) Assessment

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) Assessment

Implementing a hazardous area classification exercise requires a thorough knowledge of the relevant industrial processes and equipment. Our process safety consultants perform HAC Assessments using a thorough process from assembling the right team, through testing and data gathering, scenario evaluation, and documenting the area class and division (or zone) rating.

Along the way, our team can support the process with specialized laboratory services and testing that might include: explosibility (dust deflagration constant (Kst)) and ignitability (minimum ignition energy of a dust cloud (MIE)), minimum ignition temperature of both a dust cloud and layer (MIT-Cloud and MIT-Layer), minimum explosible concentration (MEC) tests, and conductivity properties, flammability limits (LFL and UFL), flashpoints (liquids), gas or vapor density, auto ignition temperature (AIT), minimum igniting current (MIC) and maximum experimental safe gap (MESG).

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